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Hog Removal 

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Are destructive feral pigs taking over your farm or ranch? Are you afraid to let just anyone come on your land? Well you are one of the thousands of people with the same problem.

We are a Veteran Owned/Operated select group of individuals consisting of highly trained professionals. DBG only consist of individuals who come from Special Operations backgrounds to ensure mission success for you and your problem. Combined we have over 40 years of Military experience.

We Offer different types of removal services: Trapping , Shooting, Hunting, and sometimes we utilizes dogs. All of our different methods are  situation dependent and what will help resolve your problem in the most expedient amount of time. Additionally, we can remove Raccoons, Bobcats, Opossums and Coyotes.

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-I would say that DBG is one of the most professional businesses I have dealt with in a long time. As a cattle farmer and law enforcement officer I was very hesitant to let a stranger on my property. From day one I felt very comfortable with DBG. Their willingness to work alongside us in eradicating feral hogs has far exceed my expectation! DBG has been extremely successful in helping us protect our property and cattle. I would highly recommend them to anyone facing problems with feral hogs!

J. Rogers
Agrestal Farms
Poplarville, Ms.