Are destructive feral pigs taking over your farm or ranch? Are you afraid to let just anyone come on your land? Well you are one of the thousands of people with the same problem. DBG Hog Removal Service is a Veteran Owned and Operated group of highly trained Special Operations individuals. We take pride in our work and bring a respectful and professional approach to aid in your problem. Wild pig populations are increasing in more than 30 states. Without effective control, they will reproduce at alarming levels. Even a small number of wild hogs can be very destructive to fences, forests, deer, Crops, livestock, property and cause otherwise stable ground to erode. Of course, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t already know this! We offer Trapping, use of dogs and or Shooting at the removal site, situation dependent and customer preference.

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3 thoughts on “DBG HOG REMOVAL

  1. New guns are about to be coming online and still the possibility of a newly designed remote trapping system.
    . Last night was very successful. DBG HOG REMOVAL managed to take four nice sized hogs off a customers property. He was very pleased. New pictures have been posted. In the mix we managed to take down a boar weighing 300+ lbs. by one of our contractors Kenneth out of Texas.


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